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What happened to my writing blogs? It seems that they all left tumblr and went to get a life. Come back so I can talk about my problems with you!


When I think of someone being innocent, that person is the nicest person in the world. That person says, “Please” and “Thank you”. Instead of “can” they say “May”. They always greet you with a smile and they’re friendly to everybody. Sometimes I think of little kids. Usually at the age from when they were born to the age of 4-5. Little kids are the most innocent people in the world. They don’t know what’s going on with them and they’re living care free. Their virgin eyes and ears. They even have the most innocent looks on their face.Those innocent people make me want to be as pure as them. Maybe the reason why you hate the world so much is because you’re not setting a good example to the kids. 


Out of all my group of friends, I’m the youngest one out of everyone. When they joke around with me, I can tolerate them. Not only because they’re older than me, but also because I’ve known them for a while. If you’re younger than me and only knew me since the beginning of the school year, I’m asking for respect. Sometimes you can joke around with me, but I rather have you respect me. We’re not that close to be joking around with each other like that. In the beginning, I could tolerate it, but now… I’m asking you to stop and respect me like how I do with my friends. 

It hurts trying to be strong.


Nobody asks if you’re okay. Nobody worries about you. Everyone thinks you have a happy life and that nothing is bothering you. Truth is, i’m not. Just because I laugh or smile a lot doesn’t mean I have a happy life.

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