When will I look like the good guy? When will people stop spreading the negative parts about me? When I’m dead? After I’m gone then will be notice the good things about me?

Writing is a form of therapy; sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose or paint can manage to escape the madness, melancholia, the panic and fear which is inherent in a human situation.
— Graham Greene (via psych-facts)

(via kimber-fucking-ly)

Stay Positive - Inspiring Quotes: Shy Guy Body Language of Attraction


Gaze: The gaze used in shy guy body language is the opposite of usual body language. A shy guy who is attracted to a girl will look at her often but will also look away anytime he’s spotted. To read shy guy body language by gazes, pay less attention to…

Saw Kevin and Nenee today!! :D spent the day with @rosieyynguyen

Does this count as a throwback? When @ayeemarwee begged her mom to take us to the mall. The day I met @0hdamntina not official boyfriend at the time, Austin. When @rosieyynguyen said she was forever alone. When we had our photo shoot by the staircase. When Rose and I didn’t know if Mary’s mom was going to take us home so we carried our backpacks. Haha we’re cool.   cette photo n’explique rien. #tbt

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